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Why Generation X

No matter where you search online Gen X is the hardest to find and understand anything about, no one knows what period they are everyone knows of babby boomers millennials and Gen Y.  Gen Xer’s are the people that are taking over from the baby boomers in all facets of life but struggle with change and the use of technology today so this is why we have focused here, I am a proud GEN Xer.

Peter George Media

Why we do what we do?

360 Small Business is all about helping Gen X understand how to survive in the ever-changing world. We will have a show on a weekly basis with tips and any questions you would like answered in relation to running a small business today.

I have been in business for over 15 years now and understand what it takes to be successful today and the work necessary to keep you in front of your opposition. Through research from other people striving for the same goals, we will deliver a show that is informative and actionable at the end of each episode.

Topics we will cover will be

Social Media
Business Systems
Coping with work-life balance

and something to just keep things light

Travel and Lifestyle

So we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we will presenting it.

Our Services


You have 8 seconds to impress a potential customer and get your call to action in front of them, can you do that? Just like a first date impression is everything that's where we can assist you.

Social Presence

Have you ever wondered what is the right platform for your business to focus on? Well, we are continuously looking and seeing what each of the platforms is doing and the direction they are taking so give us a contact us via one of our social platforms for a free 30-minute consultation.

Social Platform training

So we have worked out where you should focus but how do you learn what to do via our training modules you will be able to learn the tips and tricks needed to succeed. Have you ever wondered about podcasting and how your business can benefit from it? Have a look at what goes into producing a podcast and some helpful information that may interest you in heading down that path.

Branding You

Customers don't purchase products or services they purchase YOU, with that in mind it is important to start the process of Branding You and not your business, YOU should be the champion, YOU are the person that they are buying from no what your product or service is. Peter George Media assist YOU with a free course on Branding You and if you enjoy them you can go a step further with mentoring and more in-depth studies.


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